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Next Feature Film: Tulip

Gagnol and Felicioli are moving on to the next film project titled Tulip. Gagnol says that he wanted to try something new with the film to which would directly link to the world of childhood after two films dedicated to thriller.

“In A Cat in Paris and Phantom Boy, children are immersed into the world of adults. Tulip is going to be the opposite. We are on the side of children and immersed into their way of seeing the world. I also wanted to write a story without baddies. All difficulties in Tulip are internal, the film is going to be about an eleven-year old girl, Tulip, fighting against her fear to grow”.

Gagnol also says that he has always loved monsters and fantastic creatures in films. “Jean-Loup’s creatures are very surprising and colorful and they don’t have anything frightening. This is a much more intimate story and softer than the two previous films”.

The atmosphere and touch of animation is expected to be different compared to Phantom Boy. “Phantom Boy is a film with a lot of dialogue and action to explain. With Tulip, we hope to use moods and silences between characters effectively to give time to breathe”, says Gagnol.

They expect that the graphic design of monsters could be problematic when it comes to animating them because they are very colorful with different patterns. They are still seeking the best way to color and not make it too difficult to animate. Gagnol tells us that they are also trying to find a way to help the animators use the graphics more effectively but not lose the originality of the design.

Their creative journey continues and we can look forward to the new world that they are creating and what we are going to encounter from their new artistic world of animation.

(Originally interviewed in French)